I am a self taught ceramic artist based in Portland, Oregon. I create slab built functional vessels using inspiration from nature, flea market treasures, primitive folk crafts, abstract art and cross country travels. Drawing on my background in fiber arts, I approach ceramics from a different perspective. Treating my clay like fabric I develop patterns, fuse seams, and use my hands to create drape and flow. Clay bodies are chosen for the texture they bring to the piece and for their raw color contrast against glossy glaze patterns. These methods allow me to create production pieces that still maintain a sense of individuality and personality. It is important to me that each piece is unique in the way it sits on the table, or fits in the hand regardless of how many I've made. For me, my craft is about more than my methods and the objects I create. It is about curating a vision that takes into account my experiences and inspirations, and finds a connection in the homes and hearts of others. It is about slowing down and making every day objects special instead of disposable.